Residential Settlement – The Seller’s Journey

If you’re in the process of selling your property, you may be groaning at the prospect of receiving your broker’s invoice and wondering just what you’re getting for your cash. Read on to find out just what’s entailed in the settlement process and what will happen on settlement day. Loan pay-out figure confirmation The first […]

5 Important Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Viewing A Property

So your real estate agent is taking you to see a number of properties that you may be interested in. They know what you’re looking for and have selected a number of viable picks. The question is, do you know what questions to ask when viewing the properties? Below, check out some of the important […]

What You Can and Can’t Do with Your Strata Property

Purchasing property within a strata scheme is an attractive and worthwhile investment. However, many strata property owners are not aware of their rights and obligations on matters ownership, and this can cause problems with other property owners within the scheme. Also, it can lead to under-utilisation of the property and failure to get the most […]

A Few Questions to Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Training Course in Queensland

A career in real estate in Queensland can be very lucrative as well as very satisfying, as no two days are alike when you’re working to sell homes and to assist those who are searching for a new home. The right real estate course can ensure you have the most success in your career, so […]