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A Few Questions to Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Training Course in Queensland

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A career in real estate in Queensland can be very lucrative as well as very satisfying, as no two days are alike when you're working to sell homes and to assist those who are searching for a new home. The right real estate course can ensure you have the most success in your career, so note a few important questions to ask when choosing such a course. You'll then be able to select the best school for you, and know what is involved in the course itself.  

What is the difference between various licenses and courses?

In Queensland, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" real estate license. A registration certificate will allow you to work as a salesperson or property manager, and may also be required for clerical and administrative staff at some agencies. With this certificate, you always need to be working under the supervision or employment of an actual agent. To become an agent, you need what is called a licensee or principal agent course and license. This allows you to own or manage your own real estate agency, or to work for yourself and not under the supervision of another agent. 

Note, too, that there are usually other courses you might consider taking that aren't legally required, but which can ensure the most success with your career. For example, some schools offer courses in how to improve your skills in sales, in managing your own agency, and in property management. Consider these courses especially if you're new to the field of real estate.

Does the course offer recognition of prior learning?

If you see a course that offers RPL, this refers to recognition of prior learning. In some cases, an older real estate certificate or other such training may qualify you for certain credits in a new course. If you have any type of real estate certificate or similar training, ask if a school offers RPL and if your certificate would qualify.

What are the restrictions for holding a real estate license?

Because real estate is such a highly regulated industry, there may be restrictions that could disqualify you from holding a license or certificate of any sort; for example, having been previously convicted of a serious offense could mean you are barred from holding a real estate license. Many courses will also require potential students to take an initial comprehensive exam that tests basic math, reading, and writing skills.