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5 Important Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Viewing A Property

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So your real estate agent is taking you to see a number of properties that you may be interested in. They know what you're looking for and have selected a number of viable picks. The question is, do you know what questions to ask when viewing the properties? Below, check out some of the important questions you should ask at this time to ensure you get all the information you need.

How soon will the property be ready for occupation?

Ask this if the property is still being constructed/repaired or if the current owners are still living in it. This question will allow you to gauge whether the window of availability on the property is in line with when you want to get into your new house. If the property will take much longer to be ready, you may have to delay your moving plans or pass on that listing.

How long has the property been vacant?

The period of time a property has been vacant and open in the market is an important one to you as it provides some clues. For one, if a property has been vacant for a very long time, e.g. a year or more, that means that some repairs may be needed before moving in. A long period in the market may also mean a number of other things, e.g. the property may be overpriced, the neighbourhood may be rough, the economy might be in a bad shape, etc.

Why did the previous owners move out?

People move out of properties for all manner of reasons. And if you're considering moving into a property that was previously occupied, you should find out what their reasons were. Are they normal reasons such as relocating, moving to a bigger house, moving to own house, etc. Or did they move out because of negative reasons that you should know about such as crime or the condition of the house?

Does the property require any work before it can be occupied?

A real estate agent is bound by the law to answer your questions truthfully. Considering that, you should ask them about the condition of the house. This will allow you to determine if more money is needed to fix the property and whether you need to renegotiate the pricing in light of that.

What is the area like in terms of security and amenities?

And of course, you have to ask about the security and amenities in the area. This gives you an idea of what the life around that area is like and whether it fits with what you're looking for. Are there shopping centres, hospitals, schools, bus stops, airports and other amenities around and is crime something people in the area have to be concerned about?

The answers to these questions will give you a better idea of whether the property in questions is a good fit for you and whether you should initiate the conveyancing process.